Top 3 Wireless Security Camera Systems for a Daycare

Top 3 Wireless Security Camera Systems for Your Childcare Center

Because daycares are responsible for people's children a dependable security camera system is a must. The new wireless camera systems can be just what you need to keep an eye on your center and archiving video to review at a later date.

Improved camera technology and faster WIFI router speeds has made purchasing and installing a security system in your daycare much easier. Larger hard drives allow you to record up to 90 days of 24 hour of high quality HD video. New wireless surveillance camera system allows you to view live video in your office or remotely on your phone. 

Keep in mind that the word "wireless" refers to the fact that cameras do not need to connect to the base via a wire. The cameras themselves will need to be plugged into power outlets. The recording base will also need to hard wired to your WIFI router.Systems are available with battery operated cameras but from my research these systems have operating issues.  

Top Security Camera Features

  • Expandable to 8 plus cameras
  • 1080P 2MP Camera Resolution
  • Minimum of 1TB Hard Drive
  • Night Vision (Helpful for nap time & over night childcare) 

Check out our overview of security camera system options.

Our Best 3 Security Camera Systems for Your Daycare

Hiseeu Wireless Security camera system

Hiseeu All in one with 12
Hiseeu All in one with 12" LCD Monitor Wireless Security Camera System

The Hiseeu system allows you to start off with four cameras then expand to eight. This system includes a preinstalled hard drive which is something you need to watch out for. Many of the systems do not includes a hard drive and this can add an additional $100+ to the price. With almost a five star review this system is a good option and similar to the one we purchased a few years back. The cameras resolution has has improved since then. Priced under $400 this system will get you started.

The pictures are clear for a long distance in daylight and a good distance even at night. Android and iPhone apps are available for external viewing. Many reviews were impressed with the customer service.

ZOSI Wireless Security Cameras System

ZOSI Wireless Security Cameras System
ZOSI Wireless Security Cameras System

This security camera system offers everything you need to cover your child areas. The ZOSI system is simple, well designed, affordable and reliable. This system is also expandable to eight security cameras. A free app is available for live view via a smartphone.

The advanced H.265 technology could double the data compression ratio while keeping the high quality video. even with low bit-rate, it allows you to maximize storage space and enjoy ultra-long recording.

YESKAMO Wireless Security Camera System

YESKAMO Wireless Security Camera System
YESKAMO Wireless Security Camera System

This security system adds a few additional innovations that may work well in your daycare. Each camera has bright floodlights, a siren alarm and two-way communication. This would allow you to quickly talk to the teacher in the classroom. The wireless security camera system is an all in one video recorder equipped 16 inch IPS (In-Plane Switching) monitor. This will save you on needing to purchase a monitor. The con would be that if the monitor stops working you may need to purchase a new system.

Top 3 Wireless Security Camera Systems for Your Childcare Center

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