Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Educational toy review

Magnetic Tiles or Building Blocks Educational toys

Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Educational toys are perfect for your daycare. Kids will have tons of fun while playing as it teaches them about architecture and engineering. Magnetic blocks are a great educational toy that can help children learn while they play. They are great educational, hands-on toys for kids of all ages, and it never gets boring.

We recently purchased MagneticTiles Building Blocks Educational toy. We were really excited when the package arrived at the door, and we opened it up to see all of the tiles in bright colors. The blocks come in various sizes, so they're great for both very young children who are just learning to stack objects and build with them and older children who require an activity that challenges them.

What are magnetic building blocks?

Educational daycare toy
Your daycare kids will be attracted to these magnetic educational toys.

Magnetic building blocks are small pieces made from non-toxic ABS plastic that come in various shapes and sizes. They can be assembled to create different designs like squares, triangles, rectangles, or more complicated snowman faces or rocket ships. The magnets make it easier to build stable structures that won't easily collapse when they are built by little hands. The pieces are also made with ultrasonic welding for increased tightness between them which ensures they stay in place as they're assembled into

The blocks easily stick together on top of one another, which means that if a child's tower comes crashing down, it can be put back together again without any fuss. The company offers three different size sets of magnetic tiles and an additional set that contains nonmagnetic red, yellow, green, blue, and purple square tiles. For each set, you can choose between 6x6 (36 pieces), 8x8 (64 pieces), or 10.

The number of creative sets continues to grow. Check out the growing list on Amazon. Plus, they are reasonably priced.

The older kids love the magnetic tile marble runs, and it can easily be combined with other sets.

Magnetic Building Block Pros

  • Strong magnets make it easier to build stable structures, which won't easily collapse.
  • Made of non-toxic ABS plastic for long-term use.
  • Pieces are made with ultrasonic welding for increased tightness. Larger magnets and stronger magnetism ensure the pieces stay in place as they're assembled.
  • There's no need for batteries!

What can you build with Magnetic Building Blocks?

You can build simple things like squares, triangles, rectangles, and more. You can also build more complicated things like snowman faces or rocket ships. I suggest you check the pictures below as they are from real users of the item, which will give you some idea of what kids can actually do with it.

Where to get Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Educational toy?

If you choose to purchase Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Educational toys, Amazon is a great place to look into. As a matter of fact, most customers that purchased them through amazon truly loved them!

Ifyou are lookingfor an entertaining toy for your daycare children that educates but keeps them entertained for hours on end, then I would certainly recommend this product.

We love these new lighted magnetic block sets

Cleaning Magnetic Building Blocks

After the play, you can easily clean the toys with a damp cloth. You can use a mild soap if needed. After cleaning, just let the blocks dry before putting them back in the storage box. As always, follow the cleaning suggestions from your local childcare health codes. When not in use for long periods of time keep them in their original package to avoid damage or loss of magnets' force.

Magnetic Toys Safety Tips

  • Do not let your child play with them near a computer, CRT TV, or other electronic devices.
  • If you see that some of the tiles are broken or cracked, throw them out right away because they could have sharp edges.
  • Before giving any magnetic toy to your child, especially those that feature strong magnets, make sure they are at least three years old.
  • Some pieces may be a swallowing risk for some of the younger ages.

Magnetic Blocks vs. Magnetic Tiles

While both products are essentially the same, they do have a few noticeable differences. First and foremost, magnetic blocks are made out of stronger ABS plastic than tiles; this means that blocks will hold together better than tiles when bumped or knocked over. Blocks also feature larger magnets on their pieces, meaning they'll maintain stability more readily than Magnetic Tiles. This is a matter of taste since there aren't many downsides to the tiles or the blocks.

Magnetic Blocks are a must have for any daycare

They make a great addition to the classroom to teach children about geometry, physics, engineering, architecture, and more! The strong magnets on these magnetic tiles mean they'll stay together much better than other similar products when bumped against another piece of furniture. Plus, there's no need for batteries - it is completely powered by magnetism! Your children will definitely be attracted to them!

Magnetic Tiles or Building Blocks Educational toys

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