Your Childcare Business Ultimate Guide To Local SEO

Ranking your daycare on local searches, maps and voice

People search for answers. Phrases like "childcare business near me," "daycare in the xxxxx zipcode," "daycare that helps with homework," or "childcare on the weekend." Write helpful content that answers the questions that your service is the answer.

It is not easy to get your Childcare Business to rank highly on local searches. Local SEO became even more difficult and competitive when Google reduced the number of Local Pack from seven listings to three. It is essential to understand the factors that influence local SEO ranking to be able to make the most out of it. Understanding these factors helps you to come up with an effective SEO strategy to put your daycare on the top of the list.

1. Keywords and Google Ranking Analytics

While keywords like childcare, daycare business, weekend childcare, and others are essential to have in your headers and text, it is not the only factor. Put yourself in the mind of the parents or guardians that are searching for your service. People search for answers. Phrases like "childcare business near me," "daycare in the xxxxx zipcode," "daycare that helps with homework," or "childcare on the weekend." Write helpful content that answers the questions that your service is the answer. By providing the solutions, you will get the clicks, and over time Google will see you as an expert, and your daycare will move up the rankings.

Optimize the titles and meta descriptions on all your website pages. While it is essential to use keywords and phrases, it is not the only thing to consider. When your daycare listing appears on a search, you want the title and description to entice a parent to click for more information. So, if someone is searching "weekend childcare," your title should say, "We Offer a Dedicated Weekend Childcare Staff." I suggest capitalizing on all the main words. Your description should support your claim by providing additional information to encourage the parent to click for more details. "Our weekend childcare offers entertainment, learning, and playtime for all children. School-age Teachers focus on fun projects and games so your child can enjoy their off days." You should view each page's title and meta description as a small advertisement.

2. Google My Business and Bing Places

Did you know that Google and Bing give businesses a free page on their search engines? If you didn't, then you have been missing out on a lot. Having your daycare listed on Google My Business (for Google) and Bing Places (for Bing) increases your chances of showing up on the top results when someone searches for childcare in your area. It helps you get exposure on Google Maps too. To begin, go to the Google Busines page and click on Start Now, add your business name and address (check if you're listed already, and click on the suggestion. Select the childcare category. You'll need to verify your business. A postcard containing a verification PIN will arrive within two weeks. Sometimes, you'll have the option of receiving the PIN via text or a phone call. After you've received the PIN, confirm your business. Be sure to complete all the different sections. Filling out all the GMB sections will help your rankings. Make sure you add plenty of pictures of your facility. If you use photos of your children, be sure you have written permission from the parent or guardian.

3. Online Business Directories

Before the emergence of technology, we had the Yellowbook. Now we have online directories, also known as citations. Citations are sites that indicate a business, its address, and phone number, and other contact information. Some of the most common citation websites include Yelp and Foursquare. The online directories can be backlinked to your website, and it will help with SEO ranking as search engines consider such sites to be trustworthy. Ensure that your daycare's name, address, and phone number (NAP) listing on these directories are consist correct across the different sites. For example, 134 1st Ave and 134 First Avenue may seem like they are the same thing, but are different when it comes to local SEO.

There are hundreds of websites with a business listing directory. Using a service such as will make this job much more manageable.

4. Localized content

Your website should be full of content about your locality. Provide your audiences with news events and fun activities that are taking place around your area. If you hire other businesses such as magicians, karate instructors, or gymnastic teachers to entertain your children, be sure to list them on your website. Include their location and provide a link to their website to provide additional local credibility. Ensure that your website is updated regularly. Optimize URLs, title tags, headers, meta description, and content. If you have multiple daycare centers, your website should have pages specific to each of the areas that are distinctly different.

5. Reputation marketing

Search engines strive to provide the most reliable results to their clients. Parents are quick to leave bad reviews when they see an issue with the care of their child. The best way to combat these poor reviews is by building good reviews. A good reputation is significant if you want to get the best out of local SEO. Positive reviews will get you traffic and fill your classes. 63.6% of customers rely on online reviews when looking for service. Most parents are happy to leave reviews if you politely ask them to. Give them the exact link where they can leave the review. Ask them to give a 5-Star review if they liked the childcare service you are providing. The service offers a review request tool that will help to filter bad reviews.

6. Optimize the website Security

Having a secure site is generally key to good SEO ranking. Visitors don't want to click on websites that may have malicious content that compromises their online privacy and safety. Wordpress gives you some of the top security features, and you can even create a backup site if the main site gets compromised by malicious characters. It is much better to invest in security certificates for your websites.

7. The website should be mobile-friendly

An increasing number of people use their mobile devices more than desktops to go online. Having a mobile-friendly website helps with SEO ranking as more people will find your site more accessible. It is also vital to ensure that your site has a fast loading speed. Optimize your images for mobile users and take away plugins that are not serving any purpose on the site.

8. Use Local Structured Data Markup

Adding structured data markup and schema markup to your site's code is very important as it helps search engines to retrieve more information about your business. You can do this by adding the data markup to the existing HTML microdata. Use Google's Free Testing tool to see if it is successfully installed and if there are any errors that need your attention. With the rise of virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, schema markup optimizes your website for voice search. Your business will be likely to popup if someone uses a voice command to search for your service. It will give you an edge over your competitors. You can hire an SEO guru to help you implement structured data markup. Check for an expert on

Ranking your daycare on local searches, maps and voice

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