About Us - Who We Are & What We Do - ChildcareBiz

About Us - Who We Are & What We Do - Childcare Biz

About Us - Who We Are & What We Do - ChildcareBiz

Child Care Industry Resources and Information

Welcome to the ultimate resource for individuals working and owning businesses in the childcare industry! Here you will find everything you need to succeed in the childcare profession. Whether you are a daycare owner, nanny , babysitter, or any other childcare professional, you will find helpful information and resources to make your job easier. We have a wide variety of topics, including tips and advice on starting and running a childcare business , information on childcare regulations and laws, and important industry news and updates. We are here to help you stay informed and make sure that you have the tools to be successful in your career.

Our Mission: Empowering Childcare Excellence

Our mission is to be the premier online resource for those in the childcare business .

We strive to provide comprehensive, accessible, and up-to-date educational content and practical information that caters to the diverse needs of childcare professionals. Whether you are starting a daycare, a seasoned nanny , or an educator, our platform is dedicated to enhancing your skills, knowledge, and understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of childcare. We are committed to fostering a community where experience and insights are shared, challenges are addressed collaboratively, and the commitment to nurturing young minds is celebrated. Our goal is to empower each member of our community to provide exceptional care and education, ensuring a bright and promising future for the children in their charge.

Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to helping you reach your goals!

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About Us - Who We Are & What We Do - ChildcareBiz

Alexis Sferra

TITLE: Author / Editor

Alexis Sferra has been working with children for over 14 years in many different ways. She started when she was younger, babysitting for children around the neighborhood. As she got older, she continued her work into overnight nannying for a few years in high school. At that point, she had to learn a few new skills. Making sure the kids were put to bed on time, had dinner, and cleaned up once the children were in bed.

After school, she went straight into being a private nanny for many years. After college, she started a job at a local in-home daycare where she could help care for many more children, but still, on a personal level, you get with nannying. After that, Alexis worked as an assistant director at a 24-hour daycare center. There Alexis had to combine all her skills of overnight sitting, parent communication, personalization, and caring for the children. While also learning new ones such as keeping the records up to date, going through inspections, managing a team of staff members, ensuring all rules and regulations were being followed, as well as payroll duties.

About Us - Who We Are & What We Do - ChildcareBiz

Mike Tarantino

TITLE: CEO/Editor/Technical

Mike's journey as a self-employed website builder since his early twenties has been an inspiration for many. Despite being his own boss, he never shies away from the challenges of entrepreneurship, often saying, "If there's anyone in the company I'd like to fire, it would be me." With his passion for building successful teams, he has transformed his vision into reality multiple times.

Recently, his investment in a childcare business has fueled his drive to provide more information and support to individuals building their careers in the industry. Mike's unwavering commitment to excellence continues to inspire many.

About Us - Who We Are & What We Do - ChildcareBiz

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